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E06: Bonds By Fire

The O'Keefe family is one of the only two 3rd generation Fire Fighting families to serve Rockford on the Fire Department. Though they share the same blood, and history, each of the members of the fire department are a part of a brotherhood. Firemen spend 30% of their lives together, serving 24 hour shifts where they eat, work and sleep together in the same building. They must rely on each other, and it’s this reliance that forges a bond more unique than friendship.

Each fighter is interdependent and functions as a team. Their roles on the truck are mirrored by roles back at the station, and the unilateral brotherhood is apparent immediately. The men are all part of a machine to serve the citizens of this community, but these parts are not interchangeable. The individual personalities of the crew are what ultimately drive each other to be the best they possibly can be.

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  • Directed & Produced By
    Pablo Korona
  • Assistant & Second Shooter
    Julia Moore
  • Music
    Daniel James McMahon
  • Audio
    Zach Staas
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We tell the stories that if you live in Rockford, it makes you glad that you do. The stories that if you’re from Rockford, they make you proud to be. The stories that if you’ve never been to Rockford, they make you want to come here.

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These stories are a response to the national attention Rockford, Illinois received in 2011: from Forbes, #9 Most Dangerous in US; from the Wall Street Journal, #10th Most Dangerous in US; New York Times, Portraits From a Job-Starved City; and Comedy Central’s The Daily Show portrayed Rockford as a wasteland littered with chain fast food restaurants.

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