Our City All Together Art Award

The Our City All Together Award funds an artist to bring their vision of a temporary public artwork to life.  The award is a one time amount of $1250 to be decided by the community at an event on March 15th at 304 N Main.

Public art has traditionally been known as sculptures and murals. While we welcome these submissions, we are well aware that creating large pieces starts to cost a great deal in materials alone. We invite you to consider non-traditional temporary public art such as actions or moveable installations. The selection committee is excited as a group to discuss what is “art” and which of these submissions will elicit a response from the viewer.


  1. Limit of One entry per artist.
  2. Must be accessible and observable to the public in Rockford.
  3. Must be created in 2019.
  4. Does not need to be a physical object.
  5. Must be an original project, not an iteration of an existing project.
  6. No need to acknowledge Our City All Together Art Award
  7. Must be temporary. It must be removed or dismantled within 2 months.
  8. May not cause injury, damage to property or impair public safety.


  • January 6th — Submission Opens
  • February 15th — Submission Deadline
  • February 26th — Reveal Top 3
  • March 15th — Event

How to submit

By February 15th, In an email to [email protected] please include:

  1. Your Name
  2. Project Title
  3. Contact phone (if we have questions during judging)
  4. Tell us about your project! (300 word limit)
  5. How will you use the money? 
  6. Where do you want to see this done? 
  7. Tell us a little about yourself. (100 word limit)
  8. Attach Images to the email or provide a link to a Youtube video if you wish.

If we have questions, please be available on February 18th from 6-8 and February 25th 6-8 when we will may reach out for clarification.

For additional information, please contact [email protected]