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Mother of them all. Coach Misty Opat.

It is in Coach Opat’s nature to inherently be Mother of them all. Leader. Coach. Mother. and more…

Not many people know the many challenges Coach Misty Opat has chosen to engage in her life. Difficult, selfless and life-changing decisions teach us about Misty’s character.

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The Trail of Betsy’s Beads

Rockford artist Betsy Youngquist (BYART) travels to sell the art she makes at her home in Rockford. When the art fairs she was selling in didn’t bring the income she needed to survive as an artist, she chose a different way to sell her art. This connected to her to New Orleans, Louisiana and perhaps one of the oldest continuous African-American folk art traditions in the country.

Produced by Pablo Korona
Drone : FlyGuy Films
Music : The always stellar SFC : Zach StaasDaniel Pingrey, and Jason Kaye.

Thanks to : Gallery TwoRed Truck Gallery Antieau GalleryThe Craig Tracy Gallery, and HAUNT NOLA.

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Crust & Crumbles

When Jojo G. needed a job, she took a chance to call the Rockford City Market to pitch a booth. She bluffed her way into a path that has now become her career. See how this passionate mother and entrepreneur has become a model for what happens when you create opportunity.

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Our City, Our Story : Live – Sharon Nesbit-Davis

Take a moment to listen to this deeply moving struggle revolving around marriage, motherhood, and the discrimination she received from a doctor for being married to a black man.

Part of our Our City, Our Story : Live event, storytellers got up and told stories around a theme. The theme this event was “That One TIme…” This is Sharon Nesbit-Davis telling her personal story.

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That One Time I Saw My Grandpa’s Junk

Part of our “Our City, Our Story : Live” event, storytellers got up and told stories around a theme. The theme this event was “The One TIme…” This is Jim Yeager telling a story about his grandfather. The title of the story “That One Time I Saw My Grandpa’s Junk.”

The title is the story. Please take a moment to listen to Jim’s powerful story about his Grandpa.

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Passion for the clippers

Anthony Hamilton gives back through his passion for the clippers in Rockford. Every third Monday, Ant and crew donate free haircuts through a project put together by Erinn Katy.

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Merle + Stella

Almost 79 years married.

We could tell you about their first dance, or we could tell you about how there was an objection to them getting married… But, instead, we’re going to show you how their love survives. How it is difficult to age, but after 80 years and is stronger than ever.

Produced by Pablo Korona
Drone by FlyGuy Films

Music: Zach Staas, Daniel Pingrey and Jason Kaye of the inimitable SFC.

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That Car Guy

Yes. John Kraman is that guy. “I was that armchair quarterback that would watch all the the car auction shows and point out all the things the commentators were saying wrong. Never in a million years did I think I would work for a collector car auction company, or that I would be on a television show.” John lives in Rockford, Illinois the same place that the first Mecum Auction was held.

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En Garde

Mike Papp has been a fencer since he’d taken up the sport in ’89. Since then, he’s needed to shift his role as Fencer to Coach to keep and create local opponents. This volunteer fencing coach has kept fencing alive in Rockford, Illinois.