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We tell stories to provide more opportunities for connection, compassion, and new unexpected perspectives. These stories just so happen to be in Rockford, Illinois. It is important to tell these stories because to many, both here and elsewhere, Rockford is often portrayed through a single narrative of violence or economic tragedy, but to ignore our complexity robs people of dignity.



We typically speak about how our Midwestern city of 150,000 lives in a a post-industrial world, with a strong aerospace presence, but what we neglect to tell is the story of the people.  How we are a people of resolve, city of immigrants, who adapt to the ever changing world.  Our stories fill in the gap between the overall municipal picture and personal stories of the citizens who reside here.

Recent Episodes

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Community Brother

You’d be forgiven if you thought Mustafa Abdall was just another middle school teacher. But, you’re wrong. This Lincoln Middle School teacher is someone who recognizes opportunities and makes them happen. In this episode, it was very difficult to capture the man who is everywhere. Perhaps it didn’t convey that fact well enough… However, I wanted to show someone who so loves his immigrant communities, that he actively creates programming to help. His heart is massive and works tirelessly to create a better Rockford.

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Produced by Pablo Korona
Music: Zach Staas, Daniel Pingrey, and @Jason Kaye.

Thank you to Rockford Public Schools (RPS 205) and Lincoln Middle School for allowing us to film.

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Touching Soles

Marquez Beeks, Ay Quez, is compelled to give back. He said ever since he was young, he’s always given back. Marquez started Touching Soles Inc. as a way to get the attention of kids to pass on his message of choosing the right path when faced with adversity. Watch as we follow Marquez to Resa Middle School to give away some shoes, but capture the hearts of hundreds.

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Produced by Pablo Korona

Second Camera: FlyGuy Films

Thank you to everyone at Champs Sports, and RPS 205