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Left arm. Right arm. Breathe. Repeat.

Paul is the type of person that just uplifts all around him by pushing forward with an unstoppable drive. Yet, he is humble. He is not one to seek the spotlight, and that’s why this piece was so revealing to those closest to him.

I first met him at the Mass Communication Program down at Rock Valley College. It was a program I went through myself, so I was coming back to see how much the program had changed. Paul didn’t stand out just because he was the oldest guy in the room, but because he was the wisest in the room. He asked questions. He wanted to know more. Be more informed. Knowing full well that asking the questions were not showing his lack of knowledge, but seizing the moment to learn and grow.

We met later, as he wanted to get more info about filmmaking techniques for a piece he was making. No, the piece was not a zombie movie. It was not an action flick. It was not some escapist piece created for fun… He wanted to raise the quality of a documentary he was filming to tell the story of two of his students that had lost to heroin addiction and let people know about the experiences he’s seen with regards to the epidemic.

Paul Dryden Stalter is an ever curious, loyal, fun, and energizing man.

This is his story told by him.

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