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Team Fur Bandit

“Did I just really see that?” It was the middle of December, and on a snow soaked Sunday afternoon a couple dozen fur covered bikes were sprinting down East State Street. Directly after this mass of bikes was a white truck with orange alert lights blazing, hauling a trailer with Team Fur Bandit on it. For the past two years, this has been a common sight during some of the dreariest of all gray winter days. They say it, and you’ve got to believe it: “We’re bandits because we steal your attention.” These charity bikes rides were organized by DJ Wilson, and this all started after he and his friend got the idea to decorate their bikes during the RAGBRAI “the oldest, longest, largest bicycle tour” across Iowa.

This is a story that has us look back and discover with DJ, how all the pieces came together. This is Team Fur Bandit.

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