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More than a Million

For 54 years, Vito Grisanzio has been making pizza. He immigrated from Bari, Italy to Rockford, Illinois. Soon after he started making pizza — eventually owning the Capri Rest in downtown Rockford. We talked to his son, Vito Grisanzio Jr to find out just how much pizza his dad has made.

Produced by Pablo Korona
Camera Asst. : Emma Fredrickson

Music: Zach Staas, Daniel Pingrey, and Jason Kaye.

2 thoughts on “More than a Million

  1. Started working as busboy, soon making pizzas for Dom & Vito in 1973. They taught me how to work. That work ethic carried me through to retiring. You won’t find a better man or boss than Vito. Customers would ask if I got tired of pizza. I’d tell them the tough part is deciding what I wanted on it !!!

  2. Precious!i

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