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One day, Darnel Royal’s co-worker handed him a pair of steel-toed work boots that he didn’t want anymore and told Darnel to make a post on his facebook to give ’em away. This pair was new, the co-worker just didn’t like how they fit. Darnel received 53 messages for these boots. Most were from people in the community needing steel-toed work boots to be able to start their employment. They couldn’t start their job because they steel-toed work boots, but they needed the job to be able to afford the boots in the first place. So, they remained unemployed.

Darnel knew he could help, and started #WorkbootMinistry

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Produced by Pablo Korona

Music: Wavetop Productions. (Zach Staas, Daniel Pingrey, and Jason Kaye.)

Special thanks to Kendal Miller, and Clark Kelly.

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