The Daylight Hours


Our City, Our Story

E19: The Daylight Hours

It was an experiment for a pop-up show.

The first step was to find a location.  We selected Parthenios, an abandoned diner in downtown Rockford that closed in 2010, and a group of people came to fix it up.

Then the next part was a call out to local photographers to wander through the streets of the city. So, we put out the call. The purpose was to meet people and find out something about them. The process was to take their photo, capture a quote, and display both that night at a pop-up show inside Parthenios.

Initially the ask was to photographery friends, however, it became apparant that it should be more inclussive. So, the  call was put out to everyone. Citywide. It was promoted through the "Our City, Our Story" facebook page, the Rockford Register Star had an article, even Steve Shannon announced it on his morning show on 97zok. It grew organically.

This is just a sample of the experience people had that day.

Thank you to the subjects of the photographers, thank you to the people behind the camera, thank you to the people who showed up at the exhibit.

  • Produced By
    Pablo Korona
  • Directed By
    S.R. Brandon
  • Music
    Humble Beast Records
  • Special Thanks
    Krystine Vermeer
    Eric Sorenson
    Yunkin Keophomma
    Frank Scheir
    Arnie Dyer
    Rory Blanchard
    Andrea Mandala
    Paul Dryden Stalter
    Jeremy Klonicki
    Vince Chiarelli
    Ron Clewer
    Irene Dyer
    Dan Creviston
    Lucha Cantina
    Hans Rupert
    The Parthenios Family
    Chris Wachowiak
    IBEW 364
    Rockford Roasting Company
    Sara McNamara
    Jamie Kasper
    Team Fur Bandit
    Broadway Florist

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We tell the stories that if you live in Rockford, it makes you glad that you do. The stories that if you’re from Rockford, they make you proud to be. The stories that if you’ve never been to Rockford, they make you want to come here.

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These stories are a response to the national attention Rockford, Illinois received in 2011: from Forbes, #9 Most Dangerous in US; from the Wall Street Journal, #10th Most Dangerous in US; New York Times, Portraits From a Job-Starved City; and Comedy Central’s The Daily Show portrayed Rockford as a wasteland littered with chain fast food restaurants.

Our City, Our Story

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