Merle + Stella

Almost 79 years married. We could tell you about their first dance, or we could tell you about how there was an objection to them getting married… But, instead, we’re going to show you how their love survives. How it […]

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That Car Guy

Yes. John Kraman is that guy. “I was that armchair quarterback that would watch all the the car auction shows and point out all the things the commentators were saying wrong. Never in a million years did I think I […]

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En Garde

Mike Papp has been a fencer since he’d taken up the sport in ’89. Since then, he’s needed to shift his role as Fencer to Coach to keep and create local opponents. This volunteer fencing coach has kept fencing alive […]

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Home in the Kitchen

Usually, when we hear of people being deported, it is being deported from the US to another country. The opposite happened with the Chef from Octane Interlounge.  Pat Alberto was deported from the Philippines to the U.S. and had to […]

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When Oprah Calls

When Oprah called, Susan Pitkin answered. CACAOCUVEE chocolate is a craft chocolate company in Rockford, Illinois that was featured on Oprah Winfrey’s favorite things gift guide not once by twice. Produced by Pablo Korona Music by Daniel Pingrey, Jason Kaye […]

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We tell stories to provide more opportunities for connection, compassion, and new unexpected perspectives. These stories just so happen to be in Rockford, Illinois.

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