When Oprah Calls

When Oprah called, Susan Pitkin answered. CACAOCUVEE chocolate is a craft chocolate company in Rockford, Illinois that was featured on Oprah Winfrey’s favorite things gift guide not once by twice. Produced by Pablo Korona Music by Daniel Pingrey, Jason Kaye […]

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Humble Beginnings

Benjamin Chauvin had a dream and took to Goodwill and Craigslist with $50 in his pocket to make it happen. With the tools he bought, support from friends, and perseverance, he met his business partner Lucretia Ristin who helped him […]

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More than a Million

For 54 years, Vito Grisanzio has been making pizza. He immigrated from Bari, Italy to Rockford, Illinois. Soon after he started making pizza — eventually owning the Capri Rest in downtown Rockford. We talked to his son, Vito Grisanzio Jr […]

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Gone Fishing for Thanksgiving

One time Eric went fishing, and now Thanksgiving for hundreds of people is no longer a painful holiday. Eric Fishe has been a Rockford Mass Transit District Paratransit Driver for 18 years. He noticed when he was driving some of […]

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Band Grandpas

Dr Arnie Rosen thought, “…when I retire I want to be a ‘Band Grandpa’.” This was an idea that he formed in his head, and didn’t actually become a thing until he and the Rockford Public Schools ( RPS 205 […]

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