Band Grandpas

Dr Arnie Rosen thought, “…when I retire I want to be a ‘Band Grandpa’.” This was an idea that he formed in his head, and didn’t actually become a thing until he and the Rockford Public Schools ( RPS 205 […]

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Family Trees

Mike’s father opened Edwards Apple Orchard in Poplar Grove when Mike was around 5. When Mike Edwards opened his own Edwards Apple Orchard West, his son Brian was 6 months old. Brian, and his two sisters Kari and Kristin, hope […]

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Andrew Jacob Holm

Within a typical Rockford neighborhood, stands a unique structure next to many cozy homes. Andrew Jacob Holms’s workshop. In this place, only built 5 years ago, the smell of burning wood, drying tobacco, and coal swirl around you. With each […]

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Our Town, Our Team

  The Rockford IceHogs are the only professional sports team wholly owned by the city they play in. This is our town, this is truly our team. Produced by Pablo Korona Second Camera & Drone — Jordan Hardy (FlyGuy Films) […]

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Laundry Duty

  A pragmatic Coach Griffin saw a way to tackle a 5-day chore while creating one more opportunity to get to know his E-Rab Football guys better. “I want them to work, to spend time together outside of football and school and […]

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